Joe's Coffee

Joe’s, which is the venture from the Itsa/Alchemy team fronted by entrepreneur sisters Domini and Peaches Kemp and coffee guru Roark Cassidy, brings its coffees, teas, juices, soups and gourmet sandwiches to Kildare Village. And they also do some pretty tasty treats!

Check out their full mouth-watering menu here

Coffee tastings:
Calling all coffee lovers... Visit Joe's Coffee on Thursday's from 4pm – 7pm and join their coffee experts Mate and Roark, for delicious coffee tastings from The Barn Berlin and 3FE and tasty sweet treats!


Finally shots that do you good!
This unique blend of fresh turmeric juice, ginger, lemon, cold pressed flax oil and pepper is nutritional dynamite. Combining these mega power houses of ingredients, Joe's brings you a shot, brimming full of Vitamin C, anti-oxidants, limonene (from lemon peel), anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-viral goodness of fresh, cold presses ginger, curcuminoids (from the fresh turmeric) all enhanced and made more effective by adding some cold pressed flax seed oil and black pepper, to help with absorption.

Ways to drink the Golden-Shots:
You can enjoy your shot a number of ways, straight up and knock it back, add to juice/cold water or add to hot water for a soothing winter drink!